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>> kron 4 news starts now with a developing story. let it right to san francisco a scene of a recent fire. this particular one occurred in the west portal avenue at exactly 9 west portal avenue adjacent to the west portal station. at cafe caught on fire after 5:00 a.m. let's get to the scene we have our kron 4 reporter giving us the latest. have the flames died down?. >> the flames have stopped bursting through which they have been doing the last half-hour. this is a fire that officials say is a difficult fire to fight
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because of the location of the building. 110 firefighters on seen it is up to a fourth alarm fire. you can see the ladders are spraying water on top of the building. lots of crews on seen as you can the slot and gobble cafe in the background the west portal muni station. no trains are coming through. there is
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nowhere to go one of the muni trains had to pull over and let 75 to 100 people off. these firefighters are continuing to be on the scene to control the fire. it is difficult because it is on the corner. you can see the flames behind the trees again popping through theing td the adjacent apartment building. now they do earlier they were not. >> you can see the windows is are apartment buildings and residential buildings everyone there was able to get out safely. it may have spread at this point we will check with the firefighters to check the path of the fire. >> a major developer in the fire if they have progressed to a neighboring apartment building a number of residents were evacuated this morning. we're sure you the west portal station. >> this is impacting those who take muni and if you're driving in the area rather have technical covered. >> as you just saw a live shot the road completely shut down with no estimated time for clearing. if you are traveling through the area is a stretched to avoid the west portal avenue
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portion of that street column of. if you are on muni are waiting for the new they have cancelled the k v
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l and the gamma until further notice. plan ahead give yourself lot extra time if you are driving stay away from west portal avenue. you will see a slowing as everyone attends to work their way awhile. >> it is cloudy out there it looks like the showers have passed through en see qyou can see from the front to the back fortunately did not spread to the surrounding homes. here is video shop around for 3:00 p.m. you can see the fire burning out of control in the building. two people inside the home they were sleeping at the time. if they managed to get out without. their pets did not get out they were the only fatalities. they believe the use their hoses to spray
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found the bushes and the size of their homes. we got a chance to talk to the brother-in-law of the man who lives in the home here's what he had to say. i was
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awakened by smokers at that point the fire was going pretty hard. >> obviously rule free out he said he burned his head i don't know how that happened. i hope it is not too bad. >> back live you could see firefighters on the see they are still making sure the home is safe there are some hot spots that are s li>> we arr live events happening as we speak is a live pictures coming out from the lost angeles area as the camera pans around you will see it settled on the space shuttle endeavor. it is moving very slowly on surface streets sitting atop a giant cross the slowly moving from lax to its new home at the california science center. live pictures giving us a look at the progress it is only a 12 mi. distance between the airport and the museum it will take two full
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days for endeavor to make its way there because is moving slowly. this could be a problem for people were tried to get around over the next couple of days eventually it will make it to the mausoleum at some point open to the public right now the projected date is october 30th to get up close and personal instead of seeing it fly over. 3 if you could only have one which you want to fly over or on the ground. >> on to various boards and magical see this season ends for the athletics. the magic continues with the giants here is the victorious seen in cincinnati the giants defied in a
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historic playoff come back. there the first team in national league history to win three games in a row. they will either play the washington nationals or the st. louis cardinals. the giants will be at at&t park on sunday and monday if the cardinals win they will be at at&t park on wednesday thursday and friday if the na everyone hoping for a ninth inning magical come back. the athletics on news at home. the detroit tigers take their early lead and not looking back. fans in the coliseum were upset. here's looking back. fans in the coliseum were upset. here's what they had to say. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices,
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is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> we want to give you a quick update out of the east bay. the east oakland is getting some lighting upgrades. the idea is to improve lighting in some of the rougher parts of town. better lighting is linked to less crime. new lights will be going up along long stretches of international
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boulevard. lcds have already been installed in certain areas--led. city council member says that the mayor has been pushing for the lights to be put in. see and when people can see they are being same. it makes a difference in the neighborhood. >> oakland will save roughly $20,000 each year due to the new lights. they only use a fraction of the energy that the old lights used. >> we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. this just an that we have a
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brand new hot spot that is going to affect thousands of people on the bay bridge. we have an accident now and rob is taking a look at the drive times that will definitely be affected by this. here is the backup to the approach. we will be back in a couple of minutes. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks!
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>> we have a big trouble spot on the bay bridge as you work your way into san francisco. an accident has been working for 15 minutes
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now. westbound 80 just off a fremont street. at least three cars involved. emergency crews are on the seen. one car flipped over on top of the other car. someone may be trapped inside. they are working to free that person. it is really going to jam up your ride is walking the two right lanes. once again at a accident. this is coming off of the upper deck of the bay bridge westbound 80 just what's of fremont street. you may want to avoid the bay bridge altogether. no word yet as to whether they will have this accident cleared --win.hen.
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>> taking it to the whether we have a whole lot of cloud cover to contend with. mostly cloudy conditions with sam's in the upper 50s. our temperatures will mostly be in the upper 60s. we will rebound and seen more in a way of sunshine with temperatures a little warmer. cool breezy and cloudy conditions will green on your screen and accrete indicates a wide range of 60s. i do not see too much and oil and '70s. 66 percent clara and sunnyvale close to the 70 degrees for an amount antioch. 67 degrees expected and the papilloma. we do have a low pressure system coming in from the north. expect men to the upper 60s 61 for cloudy conditions per cent francisco and 63 in berkeley. the satellite and radar show all the cloud
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cover over the bay area. the grain is far too are east and indicates where the brain is currently falling. there are--rainin there's afternoon sunshine for the next several days with a warm-up and we could get the upper 80s as we head into next week. >> my records and for itself and i never say anything i don't mean. you to video and now they're trying to blame be romney ran to get. >> that is a bunch of malarkey. >> vice president joe biden went at it against republican nominee paul ryan. it was a lot more heated than the president
7:19 am
obama and mitt romney match up last week. the two vice president and the nominee discuss national security foreign-policy taxes and jobs. they also clashed over whether the new health care reform law put medicare on a sounder financial footing. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare their own actuary came to conduct instead one out of six hospitals and homes are gonna go out of business as a result of this. 7.4 million seniors are project people signed up for medicare advantage after the
7:20 am
change. nobody is... >> mr. vice president i know you're under a lot of arrests. i think we'll be better served if we would stop interrupting each other. >> stop taking up the whole four minutes and then. >> right after the debate the poll found that bryan won 48 percent. 44 percent thought that by then came out on top. the next presidential debate is set for tuesday in a town hall format. people will be able to ask questions. it is at a tuesday in new york and we will show up on our 247 news channel and comcast 193 or digital 4.2. >> another small fire in san jose as increasing concerns about a serial arsonist is working area. the third time this week a trash bin has been set on fire. like
7:21 am
wednesday's dumpster fire the firefighters are worried that one of these small fires will easily get out of control. >> san francisco now has $942 million for a central subway project. it will create a new branch of these lines. it is expected to be open in 2019 but opponents have filed a lawsuit arguing the construction will affect union square. >> a 15 year-old morgan hill boy admitted to leading a out to be empty but the response affected the
7:22 am
evening commute for hours. the sheriff's county office inspected the area and evacuated the area. rouse
7:23 am
had to be rerouted and it was a big headache. the boy admitted to leading the package but would not say why he did it. >> hearings have been halted over pg&e is financial liability for the san bruno pipeline last until next month. to state public utility commissions judges stated that the time they+le blast victims. also from sambar are residents. they said they wanted to hear pg&e executives testify under oath about the company's pipeline safety division's deficiencies leading up to the explosion. >> the six departments being closer to finding answers to
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the murder of susie co. the what appears on the surface to be an understated example of unequaled american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor, bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love.
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>> we have a big trouble spot on westbound 80 as you work your way into san francisco this morning. an accent coming off the upper deck of the bay bridge west bound 80 just west a fremont street. three cars, two of those vehicles overturned. the trucks are on the scene. they just upgraded the
7:27 am
vehicles but there's still no word as to whetn1 without anyone stepping on the brakes. maybe something there is malfunctioning. no crashes or injuries have been reported due to this issue but they have received 205 complaints about the problem. safety investigators are investigating a steering problem and the honda suvs. the steering shaft can come apart and drivers will lose control of their vehicle. the investigation covers about 70,000 from the model year. they will determine whether not the problem is bad enough for hawn by to recall the suvs. >> a schoo accident and you can see the bus line on that side , it was packed
7:28 am
with kids when that accident happened. a u-haul hit it. 13 children were hurt in the accident as well as the driver. the u. of truck backed into the bus and a bus ticket on that side. there were 40 grade schoolers inside the bus. two of the injured children are hurt seriously. there is the scene as they are investigating why the hope you all back up into the school bus. there they are writing that the giant bus with the huge straps. traffic
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>> hot spot as you get off the bay bridge and rabobin tells me that the traffic times have doubled. >> here it is with emergency crews on same. at this is west 80 just west of fremont. is a three car crashed into of the cars flipped over. we have the
7:32 am
no. 2 and 3 landlocked which is the two middle lanes. >> have they been able to move any of the cars? >> that is where the cars it flipped over right there. they operated that vehicle about 10 minutes ago. they're sleeping of fluid in the roadway as well. there is no word as to when they hope to have it out of the way. >> they are squeezing the traffic into what one lying? >> so far is the far left slow traffic. your best bet is to give yourself extra time or hop on bart if that and that will save you some time as well. it will all get you into san francisco. this is a nasty back up with the back up into the maze. they are working on getting this clear but there is no
7:33 am
estimated time for clearing. keep this in mind if you're heading into the city. also keep in mind that crews are still dealing with that for alarm structure fire on west portal. that area is still cornered off. a k l and m lines are also delayed keep that in mind if you're traveling into san francisco. >> the fire that she mentioned is that the west portal station. here in san brazil's was we're talking about this is nine west portal. the fire broke out just after 5:00 a.m. this
7:34 am
morning. kron4 is mike pelton has been out there giving us a four live report. >> crews are still working to put the flames out and get a handle on this fire. you can see the business is a little better as the crews are dousing the top of this building. this is from the squad and gobble cafe. crews have said they're kind of in a defensive mode on this. the fire did spread to three surrounding businesses. the smoke is caught a cleared and the crews have been able to identify what is what here. this is actually a dental office and the fire spread to that. over here to the left of the building there is an apartment on a residential pounds complex and the people were able to
7:35 am
get out. the main point is that the squad and gobbled is still battling the fire for two hours now. the rows are completely shut down. there are fiber 6 trucks still on scene. water is spreading across the intersection and over here you can see the community station. they're telling us had the lead off about zero hundred passengers. you are not going to get on here. some of these firefighters are watching their colleagues. they were to put out the flames were bursting out of the front of the cafe about an hour ago. you can see their just how massive of a fire this is. a got a raise to a for alarm fire an
7:36 am
hour ago. crews are still working on getting a handle on this fire. t3fg of those firefighters still attacking from three different letters pouring water on top of it. they were at the front of the business a little while ago spring water inside. i have not seen any of them go in there. as you can see from the other side allow water is pouring down from the front of the building. it does not look like that big r13ahead though we w seeside that sunshine into the weekend. this afternoon cloudy and cool conditions.
7:37 am
we still have the slight potential for it showers. tomorrow we'll see more and the way of sunshine with temperatures on the rides. --rise we could be close to 90 degrees for some of our warmest and areas. i will tell you want to bust out the shorts and on my next report. a heartbreaking loss in oakland last night at the coliseum as the athletics were eliminated by the detroit tigers. >> fans leaving the stadium were obviously upset. the at
7:38 am
age when as far as they did this season because of center fielder coco crisp. >> they were out there waving those towels. they were giving up and no one left the stadium. everyone is cheering us on. that is a great feeling. >> let's go oakland!. >> this is a really tough place to play in the fans made it that way cloy right now >> when the giants left at&t park on sunday there were not a lot of leaders that they could go into cincinnati and 13 in a row. that is exactly what they
7:39 am
did. the game deciding game yesterday and they beat the reds in a thriller 6 to 4 yesterday. i think i speak for all of the giants fans what i say that there our shades of 2010. yesterday look like they were gonna walk away with it when they went up six to nothing on the buster posey grand slam.
7:40 am
the reds came back and it was a nail biter all day. i can only speak for myself i'd been going to have to see a cardiologist after this. it is unbelievable. what is going to happen is that they will wait to see what happens to the cardinals and nationals game today. if the cardinals when ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350.
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♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350.
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>> samsung is allowed to continue selling its phone while it flies a lawsuit in court. apple says that samsung stole its technology and wants all samsung products pulled from the shelves. samsung was ordered to pay $1 billion in damages and is trying to get that judgment thrown out. >> when we come back we winui
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>> a tough commute 3 this morning heading into san francisco. we have a hot spot actually several hot spots but i will start off with your favorite bay bridge ride. this is the result of an accident that clear about 10 minutes ago. west on 80 just west a fremont street it was a three car crash. so the cars flipped over but the crewsthe ma on a san mateo bridge this morning because it will be slow for you in both directions. >> there's just outside for u.s. to step out the door. the low pressure system we were tracking has pushed his way east and is currently impacting those of you having to lake tahoe. temperatures are on a mild to talk about. 66 for santa clara 64 for mountain view
7:49 am
close to 74 antioch 64 for san leandro and the north bay has mostly cloudy conditions with bright sunshine. palo the mud below 60 degrees and san francisco. the seven there on the bay forecast shows warmer conditions as we head into the weekend and almost 90 into the middle of next week. >> and a swing and mand a
7:50 am
maiss >> the giants win over the reds gary >> why not the a's? the giants are moving on and the a's are over. >> they have seven more games to play! i feel bad for them but as far as the giants moving forward here posey is a hero. all of the teammates are a wh bec idea that they will find out today whether they open a series on sunday at home or washington dc. if washington wins that will play and the ec. if st. louis wednesday house the first two games. >> said their action plan to stay here until the game is decided and they figured out? >> yes. thatcher prize for winning. that is your prize for winning. >> i think obama is up and the state of ohio to points. >> we will find out if it is the cardinals or the nationals. and now the athletics that went into the night and i know the fans
7:51 am
waited through the whole game they knew it was not going to happen. maybe they did believe right up until the end. i like the fact that they gave a standing ovation. you cannot write off the team they were amazing collie to the end. >> they were disappointed. what a season though. the house were stacked last night that is the best pitcher in baseball justin verlander for detroit. but the a's were fantastic. >> i also found that the standing ovation classy. on the facebook i see this animosity between people
7:52 am
root for different teams. but this whole week has been only at on a giants fan but go days. also the reverse. >> the ownership groups each other but the fans... i judge a lot by who calls and by the radio. you are kind of a soft fan if you like both teams. >> they don't like i guess there's those hats that you those hats? i think that was 89.
7:53 am
>> we are watching for the tigers obviously since they won. this has been really drama filled too. they broke the back there were 13 innings. geordies father died and he did not say anything about it. >> what are you going to say? it is very sad. you tell a bunch of guys or media people your father died the no1 of football to look forward to. 49 as an their big championship rematched everyone is very excited about this one. there feeling like there's a lot to be proved. >> yes. the forty-niners are really good and the giants are real good. it happens to be st. louis you've got the giants and the 49 are same day big game. >> that's right this will be huge. >> also bring the blue angels back . at the traffic
7:54 am
was never bad right? what was the general consensus? >> traffic was bad if you're trying to get out of the city at 4:00 in any direction. >> people were saying it wasn't that bad. of course i'm talking to other media guys. >> write it wasn't that bad so fast pace. youio used to be conversational and now you're just go gogo. >> i can't read! >>--bre athe
7:55 am
>> we will talk to you later. it is 7:54 a.m. and we will be right back.
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>> coming up on the kron4
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morning news fire breaks out in a san francisco restaurant. a multicar accident on the bay bridge may be clear but the backup remains. we will have a full look at your morning commute coming up in just a minute.
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>> live in the traffic center the commute has been ruined this friday morning because of this accident at the bay bridge. it is now more than an hour to get from the shot they were looking at to get into downtown san francisco. >> that's right 63 minutes from the oakland a's into san francisco. the crash hasur6o is blocked now it was are ready back up into the maze. when they shut down those to middle lanes it was a ripple effect. they popped up into the toll plaza and all the approaches leading up to the plaza. this is an area to avoid if you can. i would recommend barred but we have other problems on other bridges. if you are looking for an alternate y >> that may be worth around
8:02 am
drive right? >> that is right all lot of folks use the san mateo bridge as an alternate to get into san francisco. there is nothing happening as far as accidents or problems this is just normal slow traffic at it from the east bay over to the peninsula. you can see this just crawling along they're get over to the peninsula. arrive early and get yourself lost after time this morning. that bay bridge is backed up and the san mateo bridge a slow and we had an accident on the dumbarton bridge west bound. traffic is still recovering from that. also is writing this morning, drive carefully. >> i did not want to bring up the san mateo bridge aga need to have a lot of--
8:03 am
raining but we do have a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy conditions with temperatures expected to be a little warmer than yesterday. i don't think anyone will see the '70s. we have a one on the way and i will show exactly when that will occur coming up in just a bit. >> we have been tracking several large fires this morning the latest in san francisco west portal neighborhood. this happened in the commercial building at west portal ave. mike pelton is on the scene with the latest. >> good morning you can see this fire has done a . they're
8:04 am
8:05 am
8:06 am
still try to get a handle on this fire. this breaking out just after 5:00 a.m. and quickly got raceway for alarm fire. the red cross is actually on scene. everyone is ok but the red cross is checking to see if anyone needs assistance. two firefighters have actually been injured. not too severely. one of them as was utside. the neighbors came out and use their fire hoses to make sure that the flames did not spread to other homes. the man suffered some burns to his head and was
8:07 am
taken to hospital. both peoples will--should survive their injuries. there was live and ammunition inside and we heard popping every now and then but that was not a concern after the fire went through the place. it pretty much destroyed all the ammunition. speaking of destroyed there was a hummer part in a driveway and because the fire was so big and so high it pretty much destroyed the side of this, right here. fortunately that did not catch on fire. >> i thought those hummers were like tanks . it is just
8:08 am
melted lookit that wow. >> they area sports, heartbreak for the athletics last night. at the magic continues for the giants. here is a victorious scene in cincinnati. based on the reds' crowd as the giants defeated the reds and a historic plan off come back. --play off they are the first and come back after blay
8:09 am
>> a spirited debate last night between vice-president joe biden and congressmen called ryan. they hammered each other on the state of the economy and social policies. ryan will be rallying in ohio today and the vice president will be speaking to voters to the university of wisconsin. michael your key will be talking about the debate and we will do to move forward next. >> we will have that coming up as a kron4 news continues. also the san jose police investigate and homicide. the bay bridge hotspot accident is cleared but the traffic is really back up this morning. we will have the latest on the drive times coming up.
8:10 am
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that statistic was completely misleading. this what politicians do the from voting for you. . >> wow! it was a lively debate as opposed to the presidential debate the first one the two candidates for vice president joe biden and far right in going at it. our political analyst is here to talk about it. obama was c c i think it got the point across this guy was coming out swinging he was appointed to the opposite of what president obama did which was played back and get pummeled by mitt romney. i think it sets
8:17 am
the table very well for next week's presidential debate. >> to the core performance in the first debate change the strategy of these debates in this. >> if he wins florida that is the key strategy piece in the romany path to victory that has to have the obama people nervous. >> why on cnn's paul did their polls find that 48 percent thought ryan came out on top and 44% for the vice president. >> when you look at the polls they are split there is a see be a tescbs poll. i think what
8:18 am
right did right he was very polished. he had command of the facts. they're worried about a live issue in a word about his inexperience in foreign affairs. i think the fact that he did so well on the first question on. foreign affairs kept him in the debate. it was a draw actually for p going up against joe biden considering widening expectations was so high. >> the moderator did a good job in this heated debate. what is interesting in the first debate they changed the format it was post be very much like that one. for
8:19 am
>> regardless of the format
8:20 am
president obama has to step up the energy he has to step up his game. mitt romney will be ready and hungry. it will be a classic debate next week. the third debate came five so to speak on foreign policy in the key state of florida. >> i think this is where it will be on the line on that debate assuming that president obama does well or at least zero cases that in the bay. i think everything is on the second debated president obama doe romani at >> they got hammered that out better for the next debate.
8:21 am
>> wilt any baseball play a factor in taking people away. the wednesday game is going to be the debate that began five of the l c s. >> last night we had the athletics. >> thank you michael for your time. >> 820 a m is the time we want you to look at traffic that has been the big news with a hot spot on the bay actuals several hot spots as one of them starting with an overturn accident happened shortly before 7:00 a.m. this morning. to cars with over 80 westbound just west of fremont street crash is out of the way. take a look at traffic out of the toll plaza is prope. if you're coming from 580, that will be a tough commute as well from highway 13 give yourself extra time using the beta bridge heading into san francisco or hop on bart to
8:22 am
san mateo bridge no problems on the stand but it will shlow the commute for you. on the right side of your screen the cars are crawling it try to get over to buy 101. here's a look at your wife committed to that- you're ride. if you are coming from the no. 101 that a slow out of novato getting up to the bridge. a little bit of good news for you a couple of hours ago we had an accident on the dumbarton bridge is was westbound the toll plaza. a traffic alert was issued for that. it will be a slow ride 1880 in both directions between 92 and 84. give yourself extra time. you will see what road
8:23 am
we have a few sprinkles don't forget to reduce your speed and drive carefully through the bay area this morning. >> the morning robin is sauce and sprinkle and is this is a drizzle of a cent sales bridge that will continue for the rest of the morning. you would not seek public showers like yesterday's but we will maintain the cloud cover as we had to get to new. brakes of sunshine on tap
8:24 am
temperature to the mid to upper 5 degrees out 58 in mountain view. palo alto coming in at 56 degrees. you can see the cloud cover impacting the majority of the bay area we will see bright sunshine later on tonight. between 3 and 5:00 p.m. that is the window we will hold on to the cloud cover pretty stubborn along i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat... a question already! my mom says cable can't bundle cell phones all on one bill. nobody does that. mom says at&t does, so... uh...uh...
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>> following the developments out in the napa's indiana with president clinton speaking let's take a look. i want say, i am very grateful for the warm reaction you gave when
8:28 am
hillary's plan was pigeon. i would to washington and we i got to stay last night in washington when i awake this morning she said i wish i were going with you but i cannot. i was there last night because we were celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary. remember >> former president bill clinton talking to the crowd there he is attentive to rally the vote as we are approaching the november 6th collection. the second presidential debate will be next week will carry that live on march 24th 7 news channel as comcast 193 or 4.2 you get a digital off their signal. as the lead us on on december 2012. >> is a 20 8:00 a.m. we will be back in a couple of
8:29 am
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>> 838 in the time we're continuing coverage of our
8:32 am
hot spots on the bay bridge this the big one that affects those people. there's a dry times have gotten better but the camera shots to not look better. >> traffic started to move a bit. it was at a standstill about an hour ago it is getting better try * picking up but it is still backed up inte 7:aci33 > there is no good way this
8:33 am
morning. >> there's one good way to golden gate bridge. >> long way around should into it. >> we had an earlier accident on the dumbarton bridge of a lot of folks talked over to the san mateo bridge this is 92 we have no problems across the span. here's a golden g alarm fire more than 100 firefighters are on same. this fire started at the cafe on the scene they squawked and gobble cafe. it is controlled but not under containment there is still a bit of work to do. this is a dental office as well as some apartments on the other side of the building everyone is ok except for to a firefighter one of which suffered smoke inhalation
8:34 am
another would cut his hand needs to go for stitches. this fire--they will be out here for a while no word on where the fire started or what sparked the blaze. those who live nearby are taking pictures and are shocked that this happened this morning. his work they told me a few minutes ago. >> i heard sirens about 4:45
8:35 am
a.m. for 50 a.m. and i looked a whole block was filled with fire fighters' fire truck everywhere ambulances everything. i was like what was going on i looked across the street it was a fire at a dig was that big though. >> this is tough to watch i'm glad no one has been seriously hurt fourth of the inlet of the crowded conditions to to the upper 50s low 60s. surveys by to see bright sunshine the clouds will be slow to clear where in the various temperatures stay in the upper 60s i have a look at your extended weekend forecast coming up in my next report. >> thank you erika more of
8:36 am
that heartbreaking loss in oakland as the oakland a's or a limit on dated from the postseason by the detroit tigers. the fans stay and give the oakland a's a standing ovation as the stadium of fans are upset and have good things to say. a big reason the oakland a's went as far as they did is outfielder cocoa crisp. is still there jerry rice on and that is a great feeling. >>cheers >> this is a tough place to
8:37 am
play the fans made it that way and all of played great but we want. we had a great year >> it is frustrating when you're that close. the tigers in the face the new york yankees or though baltimore orioles. >> here is the scene of victory in cincinnati yesterday as the san into next week. >> it could be depends on who wins today i don't think anybody thought when the giants left on sunday trailing the reds to game to nothing that they would be hosting another game. now they are only eight wins away from winning their second world series in two years. unbelievable story.
8:38 am
the one yesterday to clinch the division title not ever go on to the league championship series. the pins on who wins today give the cardinals win they will be hosting the first two games sunday and monday at the nationals with a lon they wl hait is the first time in the national league pitcher that a team can't from two games down to win. it was a heart stopper yesterday i think any and everybody who watched it saw an had memories of 2010 that torturous season looks like is starting again. >> it could have been any more spectacular than with buster posey at a grand slam. >> either a 44 year-old man with two kids a mortgage and i cannot even watch the games. i am stuck listening
8:39 am
to the radio. my kids think i'm crazy. this time of year when the giants are in it the object to the seat of the baseball season goes out of the window. >> i know you're getting it in a third class citizen way you did not begin to see it on tv did you?. >> it all happen here at at&t park on sunday or into next week depends who our opponents are next. 83 a m back with more and a couple of minutes.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
investigators are looking at problems with the current computer-controlled system that stopped the honda vehicle as fast as possible in an emergency situation. no crashes have been reported the government encompasand honda received reports. the investigation
8:43 am
here covers about 70,000 santa fe's from the 2011 model year that will determine the problem is bad enough for hot dog to issue a recall no injuries or crashes reported. >> time now to a 40 2:00 a.m. we would back with more and a couple of minutes that we continue coverage of the hot spot this in the bay bridge. still the residual effect fr [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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8:46 am
>> several hot spots this morning will start off with the problem in san francisco with the closure on city streets and is also causing many delays. emergency crews are dealing with a for alarm fire along west portal avenue of the west portal tunnel shut down causing muni delays for those of you who travel through the area. >> off the cake the l and the in line all cancelled been providing a substitute service to take you to
8:47 am
downtown san francisco. >> there's no word when the activity will be clear fire crews are still investigating so avoid west portal avenue if you are in san francisco today on city streets. because of the earlier of a turn accident of the deck of the bay bridge have a shot before 7:00 a.m. west a fremont street the accident is out of the with the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza are jammed up. you also see slow traffic for your ride out of over in the west about 24 did it just a bit of a break there is more so traffic waiting in the oakland a's leading tandsti0 minutes folks are avoiding the bay bridge in an
8:48 am
earlier problem of the mark. drive carefully traveling between the east bay and peninsula and give yourself a lot of time. >> good morning robin as we take it outside we are seeing cloudy conditions here in the fifties we did see some drizzle earlier this morning. we will maintain those clouds as we head into the afevening the foga comeback and will hold on to the clouds. that spring cup satellite ever radar driver of the bay area the low pressure system we have been tracking pushes its way east. we did get a picture cent into the green on your screen indicating snow we did it the first snowfall of the season i will try. take a look at thdelays at s f o. cooler conditions on tap pretty mild and receive with the mid to upper 60s in south bay 66 in santa clara 68 for all with invalid.
8:49 am
checkout antioch critical to 70 degrees 674 walnut creek mid to upper 60s with the north bay as well. 65 in petaluma low sixties for downtown seventies co and 63 expected in san bruno. your kron 47 day around the bay shows warmer conditions as we head into next week by next wednesday and thursday we could see some low 90s for your warmest inland areas. there is potential
8:50 am
substantial and combative. >> joe biden and paul bryant presented starkly different visions for the country. ryan said the aba ministration has taken america in the wrong direction. >> 23 million americans are struggling for work today 15 percent of americans are living in poverty today. this is not what the recovery looks like. >> biden criticiz
8:51 am
>> we will continue the middle class tax cut unless you give the tax cut to the super wealthy. >> i did it was one of the substantive debate or engagements we have seen throughout this campaign. >> refer to run his infamous 47% comment. i think vice president there will know that the war to res that' from really proud of him. >> a cnn poll shows voters narrowly favored client with the results were statistical tie. >> more now on the apple sam's long battle sam, is announcing a victory and its owners going patent dispute. apple says that samsung stow the technology and what samsung products pulled from shelves last month sam's song was ordered to pay apple $1 billion in damages sam's song is now try to get that judgment from out. meanwhile sam's song is confirmed they will release it smaller version of its popular galaxy s three smart phone. it features a 4 in.
8:52 am
touch screen at the exact same size as the apple iphone 5. it runs on political and android running system. it has been a huge hit for the screen- based electronics giant. 20 million devices sold worldwide. >> google on the of the
8:53 am
biggest of grade to the street you tool. the at 250,000 mi. of roadway in 70 countries. google street youth has captured street in 48 countries the company uses cars, tracks, snowmobiles and people out that it would cost the cameras would ever have to do to catch the 360 degree images that show street around next year an extra penny as postage rates are set to increase on january send mail of around the world. it
8:54 am
is a 50 2:00 a.m. this just in to kron 4 we're looking at a lot shoullive shot out of chicago. the mayor is introducing the new secretary of education. she replaces the last seagull it did not work out and he stepped down. it was a mutual decision at the the teachers' strike was resolved. that was the first
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
the welcome mat to the kron for more news just in by the shot winter is just around a corner. >> scattered showers will continue to impact lake tahoe and that whole area as we head into the afternoon wore on your whether coming up in just a bit. >> takes a lot erika of the most popular hulling costing
8:58 am
romney are to thank for that the renewed interest in the big bird after the news that an example of a needless government expense by mitt romney the obama campaign has picked up on that used big bird in a negative that against romney. the cost of flying off the shelves there offering the cost of for both menn bay bridge. [ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches.
8:59 am
starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce,
9:00 am
and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler. >> the backup from the
9:01 am
accident this morning is still there. it is slowly starting to loosen up the drive times are still about 35 minutes. it will be a slow ride across the upper deck all the way into downtown. you will see slow approaches on the bay bridge. you'll want to leave early and give yourself lots of extra time. >> there is a cloudy start to the morning but there will be some breaks of sunshine. it will be a mild afternoon all around mostly in the '60s. we will see widespread fog and cloud cover into the night. the fall forecast is coming up in just a bit. >> we have been busy with fires in the bay area. the biggest is in the san francisco's west portal area. this is right next to the west for a station. it
9:02 am
is a commercial building not 9 west portal ave. fire fighters are still on the scene as well as mike portal. he has an update. >> for the first time all morning the fire crews have stopped putting water on that building. it looks like it is now fully under control. crews were here just after 5:00 a.m. this morning and raise this to a for alarm fire. there were several crews and it pouring fire on--water on the fire. if they do not what caused it or exactly where it started but it did spread to surrounding buildings. there is a dental office and wine shop on the backside of this as well as apartments that the fire spread to. two
9:03 am
firefighters were injured one suffered smoke inhalation and the other cut his hands up and have to get stitches. even if you do not live here you can see right next to the fire is the station here. a spokesperson for the hand as saying there is no word on when this will open up again. there's no word yet. you can take some
9:04 am
connecting lines. it has been that way all morning. it has been causing big commute problems for people. as well as the businesses around that are opening up at 10:00. this is finally starting to get a real handle on this. >> the west for the station is still close right now. inspectors just popped out to take a quick break but they're still trying to find because of the fire. the brother of law believes it started somewhere in the kitchen. it destroyed the entire area here. when i got here the flames were shooting out of his bedroom window. it was a big hot spot for them. they had a hard time knocking down the flames. this started shortly before 4:00 a.m.. they did not get this close to control around 5:30 a.m.. they were able to control the fire and just in this particular house. it did not spread to any other houses. the two people inside escaped but not before escaping some injuries. the man had some burns to his head but also went outside.
9:05 am
he never lost consciousness and he alerted his neighbors and they use their houses to water down the bushes and the side of their homes. these places were protected. the homes were evacuated for their safety. the mass in the hospital and we do not know the extent of his injuries. he should survive his injuries. there were pass inside the place and they did not escape. there was also some loud ammunition and there were lots of talk being heard. fortunately it did not fly all over the place and answer any of the athletics last night but the magic continues for the giants. here is the victory celebration on the field in front of based on the
9:06 am
cincinnati reds crowd. the giants defied the reds and the historic playoff come back. the first team in national league history to win three games in a row
9:07 am
after being down to nothing in the national division series. the giants later play the washington nationals or the st. louis cardinals' starting sunday. those two teams have their game 5 today. games at at&t park sunday and monday at the cards win and games at at&t part wednesday thursdayp outsidet theh ve3 their great size and traffic moving slow smoothly at the golden gate bridge.
9:08 am
9:09 am
money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight.
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9:11 am
>> san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened around 2:00 a.m. this morning on the 1700 block of rogers ave. there is the see more police on a man that had been shot to death. they're looking for a least two suspects. this murder is the 37th homicide in san jose this year. lights have been installed in certain areas as residents have been complaining for years about poor lighting conditions in this part of town. the state council on and push for the new lights to be put in.
9:12 am
>> it helps when people can see and when people can see there being seen. it makes a difference in the neighborhood. >> oakland will save $20,000 a year in electricity because the is a fraction of the energy that the old ones used. >> we will be back with more on this he bay bridge tin
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> they talk about topics ranging from national security to foreign-policy taxes and jobs. they clashed over whether the new health care reform of put medicare on a sounder financial footing. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare and into ap bank for obama care. ph seniors are expected to lose coverage. >> more people sign up for it medicare advantage after the change. nobody is... >> mr. present mr. vice president i know you're
9:16 am
under a lot of the resthe rest-- duress >> everyone agrees that by then was much more aggressive than obama was last week and we will see what this does as we go into the next presidential debate next week. that debate will be shown in its entirety just like we show this debate on our 247 news channel on comcast 193 or digital 4.2. you can watch kron4 for that. >> the bay area weather anenotng will continue right into your work week. the airport delays because of low visibility are just under an hour. oakland and san jose
9:17 am
airports are on time. you can see top is getting some rain right now. we did have a report that they have the first snowfall of the season. widespread cut cover or the bay area but we will see some brace of sunshine into the afternoon. it's just gonna push right back and going widespread since
9:18 am
the overnight hours. there will be cloudy evening tonight. widespread fifties right now and by noon we are getting into the 60s and as for the afternoon highs are headed. 64 and san jose and mid-60's for the east bay shores. the 60s for the customs afternoon. the north bay will be pretty what mild as well. a the area altogether. you can consider fattal the drive as an alternate. they're trying to divert you away from this activity. the k l and m lines have all been diverted. traffic from san francisco has been a tough commute this morning. it was
9:19 am
slow before in overturned accident that happened in the 7:00 hour. the backup is slowly starting to loosen up. the lights are on and if you have fasttrack it will save you a little bit of time. all the approaches into the cities are still backed up. the san mateo bridge is an alternate but the drive time here is still 30 minutes from the nimitz freeway. another slow ride for you hear from the east bay to the peninsula. you want to give yourself some extra time as the head towards the 1 01. >> here is stanley roberts >> i don't have to tell you what this this. what i can tell you is where i found it. it was here and concord. where if you look from a
9:20 am
distance it looks like any other march however is far from it. when you walk into the marshy will see a stark difference. there is a homeless encampment along the creek. this watershed as part of the contra costa water district. you will notice tents along the bank. lots of tents. also lots of trash. some on land but there's also trash in the water. you are looking at a man made them inside the creek. and here is the bridge made of wood has to access one of the tent homes. something i notice at all encampments not just this one lots of bikes and bike parts. also copper wiring. >> you guys can not camp here anymore. we have posted signs so tomorrow we will come out as a cleanup crew and you have to take all your stuff and had out. >> they are learning the homeless population as a about a clean up. here is
9:21 am
why this march has to be cleaned up. as we approach the rainy season the water will rise and all of this trash will be washed into the san pablo bay. think about that. the car batteries like this
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> live pictures just another richmond va where
9:25 am
mitt romney is holding a rally this morning. he is trying to shore up the vote a little bit. >> aid package should go over it to him for his birthday. she had a knock on the door and was told he had been killed there. instead of falling into despair and
9:26 am
depression she went to work to try to help other families who have lost loved ones in these complex. the day of the funeral some of these misguided souls who are protesting america's military came to this service for her husband. she was asked what she thought about those people protesting at his funeral a 15 year-old morgan hill boy admitted to leaving a
9:27 am
shoe box size package and a bus and some of the day on wednesday. he wrote the word bomb on it. the box turn out to be empty but it affected the commute for hours. the bus was evacuated as well as nearby streets. the buses had to be rerouted. the boy admitted to lead the pack is behind that he did not say why he did it. >> pg and ease financial liability for the pipeline blast has been postponed until next month. the judges say that this will give time for the talks to continue between the company and the people. they sambar
9:28 am
residents say they want to hear pg&e executives testify under oath about the company's pipeline safety deficiencies leading up to the blast. san francisco has $942 million for central subway project. it will create a new branch of the tea third line and create new routes to chinatown. it is expected hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neither can they. so you're going on tour to prove it. downy unstopables.
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9:30 am
>> we're following a developing story on a fire in san francisco at the westport on neighborhood. here is the location and nine west portal ave. that
9:31 am
is a west portal tunnel for big problems for me and as this morning. the fire broke out around 9:00 this morning. mike pelton has been on the scene of this fire all morning. >> there no flames coming out of the building which is the good news. crews are cleaning up not because they're down but trying to get some of these menut o is alo firefighters suffered minor industry injuries. i spoke with one woman who was out here watching this all is all unfolded. she said it was clear it proved difficult for the firefighters to get ahold of. >> the fire would not go
9:32 am
out. there was a little bit. i took a few pictures. the next and know that the firefighters kept coming because there were fire everywhere. it was crazy. >> they are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. there tried to find out where it started, inspectors are looking for that. there is a lot of c >> as the west portal station so close?
9:33 am
>> it is still close. as you can see a lot of the water lines a clear now. they do want to reopen this but there's no word on exactly when that will happen. it will happen when ever they can get it to happen. >> this is affecting the k l and m lines. >> a mild day in store for us but most lead to result in a rmrt+> ccideb it is startie there. some of the fasttrack
9:34 am
lanes, if the fasttrack you definitely save yourself some time. if yo >> the a's are eliminated in a heartbreaking loss by the detroit tigers last night. the tigers won the first two games and the a's won the second to and the tigers won that game last night 6 to nothing. they took an early lead and never took back. the fans stayed in the coliseum to cheer on the a's. it was a tough and to
9:35 am
an amazing season. this is the a's first trip to the playoffs since 2006. they went as far as they did because of coco crisp. >> they were waving their towels and they did not give up. they did not leave the stadium. everyone was still cheering us on and that is a great feeling. >> let's go oakland! ce >> a great season for the oakland athletics. the tigers face the winners of the orioles later today. >> pose season for the giants here is a big win were they beat the reds to a advanced to the and elsie asked. the score was 64. sergio romano went wild and buster posey. the question is will they play the cardinals or the nationals? will find that out today. jackie sissel is live at at&t park where the giants will be playing in just a question of it sunday or next week? >> no one really thought
9:36 am
that when they left on sunday that they will be coming back to at&t park at all. they're not guaranteed at least two home games in the and elsie asked. is an unbelievable story--nlcs who would have thought that being down to nothing to the reds a that they would come back and win three and a row. now they're waiting to find out who the airline to play. the nationals and the cardinals are playing today. but the nationals when the giants will go to washington d.c. and play sunday and monday there and then come back wednesday thursday friday here a cnc. if the
9:37 am
cardinals when they will open up. at&t on sunday monday they go back to st. louis. the hope is obviously that they'll be able the play that first home game here at at&t. either way they are guaranteed at least to hong games. they will be coming back here. four wins away from the wheel world series and eight sissel says all my gosh i'm a father and i am busy and i have a job and a mortgage. he says i have to listen to the radio here in here and then shut it off. >> i was thinking he's so busy you just don't have time for the game. you're the reverse you put everything on hold you deal with the torture. >> i can't sit and try the tv and watch it i have to be running around and drive. it is way too emotional. i'm kind of embarrassed to say i'm a 44 year-old guy and i care that much about it. >> let's say they're playing on sunday no matter what the kids away have to do your note that goes to pot? >> yes i'm going over my my
9:38 am
parents' house. my sisters and my mom and dad know if i have to get the car and take off they understand. they think i'm little nuts but they have grown to accept what i am at this point. >> we will see what happens whether it's sunday our next wednesday.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> just enter the kron4 newsroom live pictures from ontario where 34 people aboard a passenger ferry had been stranded since yesterday afternoon. strong winds and waves caused the ferry to run aground on a sandbar. we apologize but the signal keeps going in and out. efforts will resume this morning to rescue them. why were they out there so long? when they ran aground
9:42 am
the canadian coastguard was notified but the wind and waves were just too strong for anyone to get out there safely. a tugboat has reached the vessel and is pushing it ever so slowly back to shore to get those poor people off the boat. there was an infant on board and they had to spend a
9:43 am
rough night on see--sea this is just east of detroit. we'll be back with more news in just a minute.
9:44 am
there is no more heartbreaking a sight than the sad. the exposed. the public testament to unrealized potential in such epic proportion. conversely, there is nothing more glorious... than the last minute comeback.
9:45 am
>> unemployment's the attack on ...
9:46 am
there is a heated debate between paul ryan and joe biden last night. there were wacky moments as well. >> there were some memorable moments like this protester yelling from a tree outside center college. and this from the moderator >> i am not the scalding type so i am not really going to repeat all theseurnini apparently a pop. i have never had my cellphone golf anywhere ever again. >> and joe biden was all smiles and had disbelief flashing his pearly whites
9:47 am
and a number of times. he had interesting word choices. >> that is a bunch of malarkey. not a single thing he said was accurate. this is a bunch of stuff. it is not accurate. >> what is tough? >> it is malarkey. >> i think the vice president terry well knows s >> but i always say what i mean. >> lindsey lohan is fresh off a domestic dispute with her mom and dad. she is getting into a pond politics so little bit. low and said i think employment is really
9:48 am
important right now so as of now mitt romney. who knows if this endorsement will help or hurt the candidate? >> i think i know what it will do. >> there is a beautiful shot from our roof camp. you can see the sun and some clouds. moseley's cloudy conditions today but it is dry when she get past that patchy dri it is just kind of push
9:49 am
right back in the overnight hours a little widespread. a cloudy and foggy evening in store for us. temperatures are pretty mild with widespread '50s. bynum time we will see 60s fell and and that is indicated by the green color. that is where our afternoon highs are headed. as you had out temperatures heading balong d ag into san francisco. it started to loosen up. we had a rollover accident that is long gone but it is still slowing year approaches into the bay bridge toll plaza. dry times a decrease to 25 minutes. traffic is moving much better on the bridge into the city. getting there
9:50 am
was still be a tough commute if you're coming from the east shore freeway. a huge improvement on the san mateo bridge. that has also been a tough commute all morning and is finally starting to loosen up. the drive time is that 80 minutes from the nimitz freeway to the peninsula. the golden gate bridge has really been the only bridge as an trouble- free this morning. it is a yu ucoaccident at san carlos on the 1 01 at hollis street.
9:51 am
look at what is their tears out on ride you are back of beyond 90 to the san mateo bridge their through san mateo. give yourself lots of extra time for this low spot as well. heading south towards the south bay. >> sending a letter will cost an additional penny as postage rates will be increasing january 27th. first-class postage will now be 46¢. the postal service will also beast beginning a global forever stamp that will you can stand anywhere to the world for a $10. $1.10. >> the death toll now for the meningitis break has gone up to 14 deaths across 11 states. this comes right tainted steroid treatment out of a massachusetts company facility. investigators are still checking the cause and 14,000 patients in 23 states have been injected with a
9:52 am
9:53 am
potentially tasted steroid. it was recalled last week. >> and as conference in chicago announced its new chief education officer. her name is barbara bennett. the former ceo resigned three weeks after the chicanos big teachers' strike. the mayor had picked her up questions about the management became a distraction as thel reformdel vehic this covers 70,000 santa fe's from the 2011 model year. they will try to find out of the problem is bad enough for hawn die to issue a recall. --hyndai
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 13 people and a driver were heard in a school breast crash today. as happened when the you call back up into the crowded school bus in victorville. there were students on board that were tips on this one that tipped on its side. two students were seriously hurt and the chp is looking into what happened there. let us take a
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> the most popular hollowing cost them is already flying off the shelf. big bird is dry and ranks as one of the favorites for the tracker trees season. president obama and mitt romney i think ful are the reason that te customs are flying off the shelves. their male and female versions on the shelves for halloween. >> we have howling coming out --halloween coming up.
9:58 am
>> get down. get down. get off this bed. >> your dog does this right? >> most mornings yes. >> you can sleep in this weekend and we have dr. phil coming up next. you disgust me.
9:59 am
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